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Care Instructions

Sterling Silver - Sterling silver is extremely easy to care for and clean. Silver loves to be worn and will very slowly oxidize in the nooks and crannies if worn daily. To retain the best shine and *sparkle* occasionally clean vigorously with a DIY dish soap and baking soda paste. Finish by buffing from a silver polishing cloth of any kind, and that will quickly restore the finish in a pinch. No matter how old and dirty, silver can always be restored to its original integrity.

Gold Vermeil- Plated sterling pieces should be cleaned gently with soapy water and a gentle scrubbing tool (old toothbrush works great). When wearing your plated pieces, be aware that excessive rubbing or twisting will erode the finish off faster than not. Be gentle with these and they will stay shiny and gold forever. If ever need be - for a small fee I can re-plate a piece just inquire here.


Solid Gold- A simple blend of soapy warm water will clean your gold piece easily. If your item requires further cleaning, reach out here and I can clean your piece for a small fee using professional equipment in our studio.

Each piece is shipped in a pouchette, feel free to use your pouchette for safe keeping your jewelry when traveling, or even on your dresser.

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